Business Direct – Cash Management

FCB Banks is dedicated to providing the financial capabilities needed for the growth, organization and profitability of your business. Business Direct is an online cash management system tailored specifically to you and your business needs. The custom design allows you to manage your cash flow securely and more efficiently so your focus can remain exactly where you want it – on the core of your business.

Basic FeaturesSmall Business Owner

  • Real-time transaction activity
  • Transaction search
  • Account activity exports
  • Account transfers
  • Loan payments
  • Dual approval on transactions
  • Deposit and check images
  • Electronic statements and notices
  • Stop payments
  • Business security tokens
  • Controlled employee access

Advanced Features

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Files

Send and receive funds electronically to process receivables and payables more efficiently.

  • Pay employees through direct deposit
  • Debit customers for tuition, fees, rent, etc.
  • Send corporate payments to vendors
  • Import ACH data from NACHA formatted files

ACH Fund Transfers

Quickly and securely transfer funds from business to business electronically….for free.

  • Transfer between FCB accounts and accounts at other financial institutions
  • Make federal tax payments
  • Send and receive corporate to corporate payments

Business Bill Pay

Pay your business’s bills with just a few quick and easy clicks.

  • Set up automatic payments on bills that don’t often change
  • Sign up for eBills to receive your bills faster and keep yourself organized
  • Bill reminders can alert you when a bill hasn’t been paid to help you avoid costly late fees

Deposit Express


Deposit checks when it's convenient for you without leaving your office.

  • Cut time and courier fees
  • Faster funds availability
  • Deposit until 5:00pm CST for same day credit

Download our FCB Deposit Express Starter Kit here.  

Wire Transfers

Send real-time fund transfers with immediate availability.

  • Send funds domestically or internationally
  • Utilize generic or specific templates
  • Set up recurring transfers
  • Reduced service fee


If you're ready to find out more about how FCB Banks can improve your business banking experience with Business Direct, click here for our Business Services Application or contact one of our Senior Account Executives below. They will be happy to provide more information about the services in which you are interested.


Michael Schreffler 
(618) 235-9090

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